Telemonitoring: An effective health technology

A health technology to help society in a critical situation

In connection to the development of COVID-19, Tunstall is fully capable of acting. We have established a contingency plan and task force for this difficult time to ensure qualified help around the clock.

Our highest priority is to stand by your side

Our business and delivery capability continues as usual. We are at your disposal to support the health and nursing staff with high quality services and products. Especially because many elderly and chronically ill people are now forced to live isolated and alone. Avoiding physical contact can be crucial during this time. Actually planned visits to the doctor can be made instead by video call or remotely. In this way, we can support you in your work - ensuring safety for your employees, the elderly and the chronically ill.

Telemonitoring creates security

With remote monitoring, intelligent sensors, video calls and digital acquisition of vital data, it is possible to limit physical interaction. This helps, for example, to free up personnel capacity and to save time. Our secure solutions provide the necessary security in the daily work of your employees. Together we reduce the risk of spreading viruses and infections. Together we fight insecurity and loneliness in society.

24/7 service and support

At Tunstall, we work proactively to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, ensuring that we can provide the service and support you need around the clock. We are working with our partners and communities to help the most vulnerable people during the COVID 19 pandemic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our systems consultant Markus Reis at +49 (0) 2504 701-300.

Connected Health

Using the latest digital technology, our solutions help to cope with long-term medical problems. In both community and clinical settings, our remote patient monitoring and data collection capabilities help ensure efficient, high-quality care, mitigate adverse events and maximize clinical capacity.

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