Independent Living

Making the Future Simple

We are committed to empowering people to maintain independence and support active, enriched lifestyles in their own home for as long as possible. Solutions designed for Independent Living include our latest technology with the wireless Smarthub home unit through to the Lifeline, Communicall, and Carecom. They combine connected technology to maximum efficacy at specific stages of care need.

Tunstall’s tailored Independent Living solutions provide:

  • Support for friends and family

  • Prevent avoidable hospital admissions

  • Reduced total cost of care

  • Improved efficiency for care in the community service

  • Patient empowerment and self-care

The Smart Hub offers:

  • A complete ‘Connected Care’ monitoring and alarm system for the home
  • Intelligent sensors around the home, linked directly to monitoring centres through the home hub
  • Connections to a range of other supporting services, such as our wellbeing app for friends and family
  • Cloud based management, including simple remote upgrades and device management
  • Robust connectivity via cellular, WiFi and Ethernet 
  • A platform to maximise the potential of the digital future

All our solutions provide the data and insights to deliver proactive and preventative care including fall management, medication monitoring and presence detection.

Intelligent sensors


The Tunstall accessories offer:

A whole bodyguard is ready to sound the alarm immediately in case of an emergency: fire detectors, temperature detectors, contact mats, smoke detectors, burglar alarms as well as body worn FallDetectors, which immediately report any fall even without manual emergency call activation. And these are just some of the many carefully coordinated components of this contemporary system for physical and domestic safety. The various accessory components can be combined in numerous ways.

Connected Care

At Tunstall, we’ve been a global leader in care solutions for over 60 years, continually responding, adapting and improving our offering to an ever-changing world. Our Connected Care solutions support and enhance the lives of people at all stages of the care continuum. We provide care solutions that support individuals seamlessly throughout this continuum whilst simultaneously integrating into the wider, interconnected cycles of housing and healthcare.

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